About Us

The Justice and Peace Commission, along with Bishop Pat Dunn and our universal Church, have a vision of action for social justice as integral to our following the Gospel as Catholic Christians. We help proclaim Jesus’ message of freedom and liberation by working for justice in our communities, nation and world. Our vision is shaped by the Scriptures; by a theology of justice, peace and integrity for creation; and by the Catholic social teaching of our Popes and Bishops.

Love – caritas – is an extraordinary force which leads people to opt for courageous and generous engagement in the field of justice and peace.
– Pope Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritate#1, 2009

The Commission helps the Bishop promote the social teaching of the Church in the areas of justice, peace and the integrity of creation. The Commission strives to live out God’s love by providing resources for justice awareness; initiating and publicising opportunities for action by parishes and individuals; monitoring public policy and making submission where appropriate to local and national bodies.

Commission Members

The Commission currently has sixteen members. Its Executive includes Sr Bernadette Cheyne (Chair); Richard Harward (Deputy Chair); Peter Garrick (Executive Secretary); and Lyn Smith (Executive Member). Other members of the Commission are Theresa Fepuleai, Patrick Doherty, Sr Bridget Crisp, Judith Lunny, Donne Aeria, Ausage Fa’aoso Setu, Fr Bernard Dennehy, Kevin McBride,  Deacon Chris Sullivan, Fr Mathew Vadakkevettuvazhiyil, John Wong and Ka Sing Yeung.

The Commission has full-day meetings on four Saturdays per year. The mornings of two of those days are combined meetings with Committee members and Parish Animators. Interested parishioners are welcome to Contact Us to sit in as observers on a Commission meeting.

Parish Animators

Bishop Pat has called for one or more Social Justice Animators in each parish. Would you like to help raise awareness of justice issues and encourage action for justice in your parish? Read more…

The Committees usually meet once a month. Committee members meet with the Commission and Parish Animators for a full morning two Saturdays each year for a time of formation and sharing of information.

Committee Vacancies

From time to time there are vacancies on Committees and Bishop Pat puts out invitations for new members.

At present we are inviting additional members for all committees.

If you have experience in the issues with which our Committees are concerned, and would like to put your name forward to work on a Committee, please Contact Us.