Bishops Papers

Contains official documents, biographical material, correspondence, and reports of the Bishop of Auckland (1838 – present day). These are arranged in groups by the names of the bishops ie Pompallier (1836 – 69), Croke (1870 – 75), Steins (1879 – 81) etc.

Photograph Collection

  • Large collection of historic photographs from the 19th century onwards.
  • There are photographs and other pictorial records of church occasions in various parts of the diocese, photographs of bishops, clergy, religious, and Laity.
  • Photographic prints of documents and letters copied from the Archives of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith in the Vatican relating to the Auckland Diocese 1836 – 1870.

Architectural drawings

Drawings of Churches, schools, and other diocesan buildings. Included in these are Pugin and Pugin plans for the Bishop’s Palace, Auckland dated 1892.

Sacramental Records

Research for genealogical purposes, is confined to records prior to 1900. If a person is looking for his/her own records, the Archives staff will search any time period. Microfiche is available to buy from the Archive for seventeen parishes in the Auckland area.

Deceased Priest Cards and Files (Restricted Collection)

The personnel files of deceased diocesan priests are kept by the Archives. Access to these records is restricted. Generally, only biographical information may be released to researchers.


The Month, Zealandia, New Zealandia, NZ Catholic, The Tablet, Freeman’s Journal, NZ Catholic Schools Journal. The collection consists of New Zealand Catholic newspapers. Its use is not restricted. There is also a collection of photographs that were published in the Zealandia. Copies of photographs from this collection are available for the cost of the reproduction, if the Archives has copyright to it. There are also obituaries for priests and other religious and laity.

Parish Histories/Books

The collection contains booklets commissioned by parishes in commemoration of significant events in a parish’s history (building dedications, anniversaries, etc.). They range from pictures and advertisements to detailed histories of the parishes. Some books mention early and / or important parishioners in their history.

Catholic Organizations

Contains files pertaining to various groups, such as the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Hibernians, Holy Name Society and the Catholic Womens League.

Museum artefacts

  • Metal objects such as Chalices, Bells, Monstrances, sick call outfits, candle holders.
  • Pectoral crosses and Episcopal rings.
  • Vestments
  • Paintings and engravings
  • Personal effects of Bishop Pompallier (1st Catholic Bishop Of Auckland) and other Bishops of Auckland.

Bishops Library (1000 books earlier than 1850).

The earliest is a Medieval Graduale dated at 1427 from North East Italy.