Catholic Caring Foundation

The Catholic Caring Foundation raises funds for distribution to a wide range of organisations located throughout the diocese of Auckland.

When it comes to allocating assistance to the organisations it helps, the Foundation adopts a broad view, funding both Catholic and non-Catholic organisations.

Each service the Foundation meets a particular need, whether in special education for adolescents who are no longer in mainstream schooling, chaplain support for prisoners or specialist support both physically and spiritually for intellectually disabled people.

The range of assistance doesn’t stop there. Programmes supporting youth development, counselling and mentoring services for troubled youths to a specialist psychological service in one South Auckland school, all come under the Foundation’s scope.

Each year the Catholic Caring Foundation reaches out to over 40 organisations. It primarily provides funds, but also offers mentoring support to services that, in turn reach out to people marginalised or struggling and in need of support.

CCF’s mission is to “meet community need through funding partnerships.”