Lay Associations

Knights of the Southern CrossKnights of the Southern Cross New Zealand

The Knights of the Southern Cross is a fraternal order of Catholic men, loyal to the Apostolic See, hierarchy and clergy in all things related to the Catholic faith and committed to promoting the Christian way of life. They have branches throughout the six dioceses of New Zealand. The Knights pledge to pray and work for greater justice and peace in our society, to stand with the poor, to care for creation and to foster religious and priestly vocations. They work to achieve all these objectives through the practice of charity, unity and fraternity.


DoveDove Fellowship for Catholic Women

Dove is a national organisation which has as its vision, Catholic women from all walks of life bonding together in the power of the Holy Spirit to effect a force for good in the nation, and becoming instrumental in building up family life and parish life, providing effective support for one another.

The primary focus of Dove Fellowship is to lead women to a personal and ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ, to become fully immersed in the life of the Church and to become effective evangelisers of others. The emphasis is on women’s ministry in gentleness and love as exemplified by Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church.

Catholic Decipleship CollegeCatholic Discipleship College

Catholic Discipleship College is a nine month live-in programme that provides Christian formation in an environment of Catholic spirituality, prayer, scripture, study and community life. Supported by the Catholic bishops of New Zealand, their aim is to strengthen and deepen their students’ faith in God and equip and call individuals into active, responsible participation in the life of the Catholic Church.

Their students are Catholics who are looking for a deeper understanding of their faith and relationship with God.   Although the ideal range is from 30 to 30 years of age, they welcome students of all ages. Their experience is that more mature students who enjoy the company of young adults will also thrive and come away from a year at the Catholic Discipleship College profoundly changed by their experience.

Outreach and evangelisation is central to the apostolate of CDC. Throughout the year they minister to their local community and send students out on the road to share the good news of God’s love with young people by visiting schools and parishes.

Passionist family movement

Passionist Family Movement

The Passionist Family Group Movement began in Australia in 1972 and today can be found throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The groups began in New Zealand in 1988 and work in many parishes around the country.

Each group has somewhere between 24 – 40 people including children. They are formed to try to match children of similar age and a cross section of adults so that it resembles an extended family. Its motto is “a family for all”.

The emphasis is on building relationships through family groups who support and encourage the life of the family as well as providing an important sense of belonging. With the building of bonds comes the opportunity to form friendships and experience Christian life with others.

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LoMLegion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is an association of Catholics serving under the banner of Mary. It is the largest apostolic organisation of lay people in the Catholic Church, with well over 3 million active members in almost every country of the world, and has been active in New Zealand since 1933.

The main purpose of the Legion is to give glory to God and foster the holiness of its members through prayer and active co-operation in the Church’s work of sanctification of the world along with a variety of social work which includes visiting the sick and elderly.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.35.52 PMJoshua Catholic Men’s Fellowship

Joshua Fellowship is a Catholic fellowship open to all men and its vision is to encourage, support and strengthen men in their Christian calling.

On the firm foundation of hope in Jesus Christ they focus on helping men into an ever deepening relationship with him, and to live, move and have their being “as sons of the living God to be better men, husbands and fathers in the home, in the local community, in the parish and workplace, sure of their identity and calling and activated into generous service.”

Pax Christi Aotearoa New Zealand

Pax Christi is an international movement for peace and justice. Founded after World War II, is has expanded globally and is active in many areas of worldwide concern such as human rights & East West contact, demilitarisation & arms trade, economic justice and development, peace and spirituality. For information about the work of Pax Christi in the Auckland Diocese, contact

Auckland Catholic Charismatic RenewalAuckland Catholic Charismatic Renewal

The Auckland Catholic Charismatic Renewal (ACCR) is an apostolate of the Catholic Diocese of Auckland and operates under the patronage of Bishop Patrick Dunn and is based in St Joseph’s Centre, Takakpuna, Auckland

Its vision is to see the restoration of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit as a normal part of Catholic Church life, and lead people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and develop the fullness of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all believer. It seeks to serve the Catholic Church by being one of the agents and instruments of the Holy Spirit working for the ongoing renewal and growth of the Church today.