The Diocesan Youth and Young Adult Ministry team provides support to leaders of parish and community youth and young adult ministry. Our goal is to encourage and support effective programmes that engage, equip and empower youth to become active and committed members of the Catholic Church.

Diocesan Youth Masses are held monthly from February to November on the last Sunday of the month at 7.00pm at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Annual events and programmes include faith formation programmes for those aged 13-17 years, leadership development for those aged 18-25, training and networking opportunities for leaders and a WYD-style event. In the year of an international World Youth Day this becomes a focus.

An online calendar of events is published annually incorporating liturgies, events and programmes offered by the Diocesan Office and others offering ministry to young people in the Auckland Diocese.


Teresa McNamara – Team Leader

Teresa was born and raised in Mt Eden, attending St Benedict’s Parish in Newton. This is where her ministry to young people started. She was tapped on the shoulder and asked to become a youth group leader – her only qualification for this role being that she was the second-youngest person on the Parish Council at the time!
In 2006, when the participants in Teresa’s first youth group got too old for “youth group”, she established the young adults group now known as Soul Group, and for three years also offered Theology on Tap.

Teresa brings to the position her deep faith, her experience in a senior management position in a corporate law firm together with her skills, passion and expertise in youth and young adult ministry as the leader and coordinator at St Patrick’s Cathedral for a number of years.

Key responsibilities:

  • To set and implement an annual plan for ministry to young people in the Auckland Catholic Diocese.
  • To organise Diocesan activities and events such as the annual World Youth Day Experience
  • To support and encourage leaders of parish and community youth and young adult ministry including providing formation, leadership and networking opportunities for leaders.

Teresa works five days a week: Usually Sunday to Thursday.


Rochelle Dias – Youth and Young Adult Ministry Co-ordinator

Rochelle was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She moved to New Zealand in November 2012. Her youth ministry experience includes over five years of voluntary work for her parish youth group back in Mumbai. She is a parishioner at St Patrick’s Cathedral and has been a volunteer at ACYM events this year including World Youth Day Experience in Auckland.

Key responsibilities:

  • To organise Diocesan activities and events such as the Diocesan Youth Mass
  • To ensure effective communication occurs with Catholic youth and groups/organisations, working with youth/young adults in the Diocese with specific responsibility for the weekly email update, the ACYM website and Facebook page

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm.


Joey Bonnevie – Programme Leader

Joey was born in Manila, Philippines. He moved to New Zealand when he was 11. His youth ministry experience includes eleven years of service in Couples For Christ – Youth For Christ in Oceania as a youth leader, including 3 years as a mission volunteer. Joey is a parishioner at St Patrick’s Cathedral and he has also helped with diocesan events including the World Youth Day Experience in Auckland since 2011.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan, develop and lead delivery of programmes and events including faith formation, leadership development and regional days to young people at parish, regional and Diocesan level.

Joey works five days a week (usually Sunday to Thursday)

Guiann Corcuera – Part time youth worker

Guiann was born in the Philippines and moved to New Zealand in 1997. He has lived in West Auckland all his life and is a member of Holy Cross Parish. In 2009, he became a member of CFC Youth for Christ and later became one of the leaders. Guiann enjoys serving the Church in many different ways including giving talks and using his passion in music ministry to spread the word of God. Through his service, he has grown to love his faith more and enjoys learning through programmes such as Theology of the body and apologetics. He is currently finishing up his Bachelor of Commerce, double majoring in Marketing and Management at the University of Auckland.


Shana Llorando – Part time youth worker

Shana was born in Cebu, Philippines and moved to Auckland in 2001. Since then, she has been a member of the St. Marks parish in Pakuranga and became an active member of CFC Youth For Christ in 2007. Shana has served in various youth camps and events for the latter and served in the first LifeTeen Summer Camp in Wellington in 2015. A passionate musician, she loves to serve through praise and worship, learning and serving at her time at Youth For Christ, LifeTeen, Grace Worship Ministries and leading the youth choir at St. Marks. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Commerce conjoint degree at the University of Auckland.


Ramona M Cortes – Part time youth worker

Ramona was born in the Philippines but moved to New Zealand in 2001. She has since resided in West Auckland. Her faith journey started when she joined CFC Youth for Christ at the age of 15, and it has led to a great love of the Catholic faith through learning about Theology of the Body, apologetics, philosophy and many other aspects of Catholic faith. She is currently studying Biomedical Science at the University of Auckland.

acym_logoThe ACYM logo

The Catholic Faith through young hearts

The cross represents the Catholic faith and the belief in Jesus Christ. I have incorporated the acronym ACYM to the centre being the main focus. The seven strands represent the 7 regions in Auckland, with each one having a different colour and pattern  representing their diversity. The strands are like beams of light shining and growing towards Christ.

The large circle in the centre represents unity and the Eucharist: being united with Christ and fulfilling the mission statement whuch states, “Youth and Young Adults are engaged in the mission of the Catholic Church; empowered and equipped to become Disciples of Christ today”.

The arrow patterns on the ends of the white cross represent the direction of the four corners of the world; north, south, east and west. The inner pattern of the white cross is a compass and a central location of faith and unity for the Auckland region.

Logo designers:  Martin Leung-Wai & Clover Park Parish